Our Canadian creative team has produced a variety of live virtual gameshows with our own unique spins. We quickly discovered a way to entice all event patrons with user-friendly concepts that easily captivate and engage audiences.

Since early 2020, we have been broadcasting live to numerous countries around the world with much success. As long as virtual content is in demand, we will proudly continue to deliver elite online entertainment right to your door (or couch).


Pop Culture Trivia

Bingo Variations




TAMBO is bingo for today! We creatively adjusted the classic game based on our interests, habits and attention span. Our twist turns the game into an event that anyone can play. We can incorporate music, videos, movie clips and endless themes with our interactive broadcast quality.

We use OBS to creatively design our live open broadcast. Every single viewer can take part as we interactively moderate our broadcast executed and sent to the Zoom platform.

Virtually Modernizing, Entertainment.

Sneak Peak
  • Our originally designed iSTAGE

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Our originally designed iSTAGE

INSTANT STAGE SETUP in less than 5 minutes!

Comfortable GREEN ROOM


We began in 2009 primarily focused on music and artist development. We've booked major label artists, developed professional talent, published label recordings, as well as produced numerous live events and music festivals across Canada. Over the years we have shifted our focus towards a pop culture agency and music production company. Our team has taken our vast experience of working with talent and bridging that with our decades of production work. We pride ourselves on choosing to work with reliable and virtuous talent including live Musicians, DJ's, Comedians, Illusionists, Carnival & Fair performers, MC's, Interactive Dancers, Stage & Film Performers.

Our company is comprised of some of the very best in Canada and also the reason for our continued prosperity. We have been tested and challenged by a worldwide pandemic, yet we have found the ability to pivot successfully thanks to our positive team, clients & creative thinking.

We pour our heart and soul into every project and will continue providing the highest level of entertainment professionalism as our industry continues to evolve.


CONTACT US -///- (877) TRACK AVE (872-2528)

We have entertained virtually worldwide with our central film studio based in Toronto, Canada. Feel free to contact us by email for any additional information and pricing.